About Us

Dan and Kathryn Allman

After finding it increasingly difficult to explain to our two year old, Ariel, about why she couldn’t go to nursery and play with her friends or go round to hug her Granny, we decided the best way to convey what was going on was with a bedtime story. 

She’s gotten to know characters such as ‘Funny Boris’ off of the TV and knows he wants us to stay indoors but couldn’t quite get her head around it. We wrote this short story as a way of hopefully portraying it in a way she and other young children will understand. A few friends said it would be helpful to other parents and school teachers so we enlisted the help of Lisa to turn our words into something a bit more visual and then spread it out across the lands! 

Lisa Johnstone Illustrator

Lisa Johnstone

I was so happy to help Dan and Kat bring their book to life. I love the story they have written and was excited to illustrate it for them.

We have a 3 year old little girl and it has been so hard trying to explain to her why we can’t do the things we normally do. I hope that the book can help children and parents explaining why we are staying at home.

The changes that we are all going through and sacrifices we are making are difficult for adults to understand, let alone children. They are coping with so much and it’s truly inspiring how they are adapting. They are our little heroes.